• Updated June 1, 2021:

  • We are now accepting appointments for both obstetric and gynecological issues. However, we are limiting the amount of patients in the building, so please be understanding of our limited availability. 

  • Dr Friedman is accepting new patients on a case by case basis. Please call our office or email us at huronvalleyob@gmail.com to discuss setting up a new patient appointment with our office.

  • COVID-19 CANCELLATION POLICY: We understand things are very uncertain right now and plans change quickly. However, because we have limited appointment availability, we do need a 24 hour notice if you need to cancel an appointment to avoid a $25 fee. We have a waiting list of people that are trying to get in sooner. You can call OR email us at huronvalleyob@gmail.com to let us know.

  • Link: Temporary restrictions on non-essential medical and dental procedures


Important Note Regarding Recent Changes in Mask Mandates

**UPDATED JUNE 1, 2021**

We understand that vaccinated persons are given the option to wear masks at multiple establishments at this time, however, as a medical office- we are in a grey area. Some pregnant patients are choosing to wait for the COVID-19 vaccine until after delivery, and are therefore at risk of contracting it. As a vaccinated person, you cannot get it but you can be colonized and spread the virus to those not vaccinated. For that reason, we are keeping all COVID-19 policies in effect, including mask wearing at all times while in the building. We appreciate your understanding and look forward to the day we can see everyone's smiling, healthy faces.

  • Before your visit:  Please email a picture of your updated insurance card (front and back) to huronvalleyob@gmail.com. If you need to update information, you can go to our website and fill out the forms. You can email those to us filled out or print them out and bring them to your appointment. Otherwise, you can arrive 20 minutes early, call when you get here, and we will bring a clipboard and paperwork for you to fill out in your car and call us when complete.

  • When you arrive at the office, stay in your vehicle. Call our office at 248-360-1770 and we will let you know when a staff member will come to open the door for you. In order to prevent the spread of the virus, we will be limiting patient volume and only letting one patient back at a time. We will be taking your temperature in the lobby. 

  • You must have you mouth and nose covered. You can use a t-shirt, bandana, face shield or face mask. As long as both your nose and mouth are covered.

  • No guests or children allowed in the building. Unless you are having an obstetric ultrasound or are a minor that needs to be accompanied by a guardian. If you are having an ultrasound for your pregnancy, you may have one adult guest. They must have protective face covering that covers their nose and mouth as well. No children.


Beginning on May 4, Harris Women's Birthing Center at Huron Valley Sinai Hospital is now implementing a new protocol for COVID-19 testing for patients.

Please be aware that this is hospital protocol and has nothing to do with our office or our policy. If you have any questions or concerns, please call the Harris Birthing Center at 248-937-5220.

For scheduled inductions or c-sections:

  • All patients with scheduled c-sections or inductions will need to be tested for COVID-19 two to three days prior to your surgery/induction.

  • You must call Harris Women's Center at 248-937-5220 to schedule an outpatient appointment to have your testing done.

  • Trained staff will swab you and walk the test down to the laboratory.

  • If you refuse treatment, you will need to sign a "refusal of treatment" form once admitted, and will be treated as a PUI (Person Under Investigation). Please see more regarding PUI below.

  • If you do not call beforehand and get tested within a reasonable amount of time, or inform them of your refusal, your surgery may be delayed.



For unscheduled labors (those that are not scheduled inductions or scheduled cesarean sections):

  • Patients who present in labor for spontaneous labor, will get the in house rapid testing done, which should produce a result in 3-4 hours.

  • No care will be delayed if you are in active labor and your test as not resulted.

What happens when results are back:

  • If you come back COVID positive or are PUI (Person Under Investigation)- you will require a private room. You do not have to be in a negative pressure room. The nurses will be required to wear n95 face masks, eye shield, gloves and an isolation gown when interacting with you.

  • If you test negative, nurses are still required to wear n95 masks, eye shields and gloves.

  • Patients and support person will be asked to wear masks in the presence of all the healthcare workers.

  • Patients who test positive for COVID-19 will possibly have testing performed on their infant after delivery by their pediatrician.

  • Separation of mother and infant will be offered. Any patient who refuses separation will need to sign a "refusal of separation" form.

As of right now, your support person does not need to be tested. If you have any further questions, please call the Harris Birthing Center at 248-937-5220.

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