important information concerning covid-19, office hours and patient care

  • Updated March 24, 2020: Because of Governor Whitmer's Executive Order (see link below)- our office will only be seeing patients with legitimate emergencies, pregnant patients that are 36 weeks or above, or those pregnant patients that are in need of tests that must be done at a certain week in pregnancy.

  • We plan to be open for these patients on Mondays only from 9am-1pm, and phones will be answered on Wednesdays from 9-noon, and Friday from 9am-noon. These phone hours are to help prevent lapse in prescription coverage for those needing refills, answer medical questions and prevent hospital visits for medications or concerns.

  • Because of the ever-changing precautions issued by the government, we are unsure of how long the office will continue on this schedule. We will update you AS SOON as we know. If you have a legitimate concern for either doctor, you may call our answering service at 248-738-2160 at any time- day or night. They will contact Dr. Miller or Dr. Friedman. They will not contact them for prescription refills. That is what our phone hours are meant for.

  • If you are unable to call during these hours and need a refill or have a question, you may also email us at

  • We completely understand that this is extremely inconvenient. We stayed open as long as we were legally able to and are making these changes to comply with government mandate while still providing care for our patients.

  • We are here to keep you safe and healthy. We will do our best to answer questions, calm nerves and fill prescriptions as efficiently as possible, but we need your help to eradicate this virus. Stay home, stay safe and let our pregnant patients come into as safe of an environment as possible.

  • Once everything has settled down, we will make accommodations for those appointments that were affected by COVID-19.

  • Link: Temporary restrictions on non-essential medical and dental procedures

Regular Office Hours

8906 Commerce Road, Suite 3

Commerce Township, MI 48382

Tel 248-360-1770
Fax 248-360-1950

Ans Service 248-738-2160


Monday: Both Doctors: 9am-1pm, 2pm- 6pm

Tuesday:Dr Friedman only: 9am-12pm, 1pm-4pm

Wednesday: Dr Miller only: 9am-1pm, 2pm-4pm

Thursday: CLOSED


Friday: Both Doctors: 9am- 1pm

Saturday & Sunday: CLOSED

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Office Phone: 1-248-360-1770
Fax: 1-248-360-1950
Ans. Service: 1-248-738-2160

Monday: 9am -1pm, 2pm - 6:30pm

Tuesday: 9am-12pm, 1pm-4pm

Wednesday: 9am - pm, 2pm - 4pm

Thursday: Closed

Friday: 9am - 1pm

Weekends: Closed                


Office Hours by Appointment