We are here in case you have any questions regarding your medical care. However, for those quick questions, we have added some links and lists that may make finding an answer easier for you.


Surgery Information
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If you are scheduled for surgery, there are a couple guidelines that the hospital has for you. They will give you a call before your surgery, but here is a document that addresses any questions you may have. You can also call the hospital at 248-937-3300 with any additional questions.

(frequently asked questions)

Q- "I need a refill on a prescription. How do I go about getting one?"

A- Contact the office at the first available business hour. DO NOT call the answering service. They will not contact the doctor regarding refills. Call or email the office and have your pharmacy name and number ready, as well as the name of the refill you are requesting. We will leave a note for the doctor. He or his nurse will give you a call back that day and let you know if you need to come in for an appointment. Or they will call you and let you know that they have called in your prescription.


Q- "I started my period. Can I still come in for my appointment?"

A: That is up to you. Previously, if we performed a pap while on your cycle, the results tended to come back abnormally. However, the test was reformulated last year and we are now able to do it as long as you are not bleeding etremely heavily. If you are coming in for a colposcopy, that is completely fine. We clean the area before taking the biopsy, so you are able to have that procedure while on your period. The same goes for an ultrasound. You may have an ultrasound while on your period.


Q- "I need to get a mammogram. How do I go about getting one?"

A: You need to see the doctor to get a prescription. Usually they are given to you at the time of your annual exam. If you have been in within the past year and did not get your mammogram prescription, contact the office and we can send you one in the mail. You can then call the mammogram department and schedule your appointment. Make sure to bring your prescription to your mammogram appointment, or else they will not perform the mammogram!


Q- "Do I have a copay? If so, is it due on the day of my appointment?"

A: Please see "Note on Insurances" to your right.

Q- "I have paperwork that needs to be filled out for my work. How and when can I get that completed?"

A: Any paperwork that needs to be filled out or copied must be left with the receptionist. That is done on Tuesday afternoons between the hours of 2-4 when there are no doctors or patients in the office. If the receptionist is able to do so prior to Tuesday afternoon, she will call you and let you know. Please understand there is a large volume of paperwork that is asked to be done, and therefore your patience is appreciated. Regarding paperwork (such as FMLA, disability, AFLAC), the first set of papers we would be happy to do free of charge. Again, these are done on Tuesday afternoons. However, if you have more than one set, each additional set of paperwork will be $10 per packet.


Q- "I want to request my records to be transferred to another doctor. How do I go about getting those?"

A: Due to HIPAA laws, you must sign a record release in person. You can either sign one here or go to your new doctor and sign one at their office. They may then fax us the request. You must also have the name and fax number of your new doctor. Copying of records is done on Tuesday afternoons. Requests such as doctors notes, dentist notes, records requested from primary doctors or other specialists will be done free of charge. If you are changing doctors and are requesting your records to be copied and sent, 10 pages or less will be free of charge. A $25 dollar charge is applicable for anything above that amount

Current Phone Number

It is imperative that we have a current phone number where you can be reached. It is how we reach you regarding appointments, surgeries and insurance.

Please update us with any type of change you may have. This includes phone number, address, insurance, allergies or medications. If you have any changes and are coming in, please go to your doctor's page (links are located in the upper right hand corner) and click on the new patient form. Print out that form, fill it out and bring it in with you when you come in.


Note on Insurances

Because of the healthcare reform, many policies are changing. Most of these new policies include a much higher deductible and copay than you have had before. We do our very best to keep track of these insurances, but when there are 50+ insurance carriers, each with 100+ different policies, it is very difficult to know every detail of every policy. Your insurance policy is your responsibility to understand. It is your responsibility to know your deductible, copay and coinsurance and whether or not a service is covered. We can help you out with any questions, such as codes you may need, once you talk to your insurance provider. There is a number for customer service on the back of your card that you may call if you have any questions. We will be happy to assist you with any billing questions once you have talked to your insurance provider.


We have been noticing that 99% of annual Pap Smear exams have been covered in full with no copay, so we have not been collecting the copay for that service. We are a specialist and that copay sometimes can be more than a regular office visit with a primary care or family doctor. Unless prior arrangements are made, your full balance and copay are due at the time of the appointment. Copays can be billed one time, but there will be a $5 surcharge if the copay isn’t paid at the time of the visit. If you cannot pay this amount and need to be seen, please contact the billing department


We understand that dealing with your insurance company can be time consuming and frustrating. We deal with them all day, every day and we understand your frustration. However, it is your insurance policy that has all the regulations, not us as an office. And it is your specific insurance carrier and policy that dictates what will be covered or not, not us. We are willing to work on payment plans and the lab is as well, so just talk to us once you talk to your insurance carrier.

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